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April 2012

New (prescription) appetite suppressant that works well with prescription hCG

Some people while on the hCG diet, especially the first week, experience hunger. Diet Doc Weight Loss created a new (prescription) appetite suppressant that works very well without causing the jitters. Shop for Prescription hCG

hcgdietjourney and Diet Doc hCG Diet form affiliation!

We are pleased to announce the affiliation of hCGdietjourney and Diet Doc hCG Weight Loss. As we make the transition, there might be questions you might have.  

Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss is a medically, supervised program which offers prescription hCG, hCG compatible weight loss shakes, food and weight loss oil. Together, hcgdietjourney and Diet Doc create a power-house of information as we both can now offer everything and anything hCG diet related! 

Let us answer a few for now......

The hCG Diet is not just for women, but men too! Men lose weight even faster on the hCG diet!

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the prescription version of the hCG diet. They created a hCG diet specifically for men. Their hCG weight loss program combines a supervised ketogenic diet, popularized by bodybuilders, with hCG treatments. According to studies, hCG is not only safe for men but also beneficial in many ways. “Men lose weight at a lightning pace, decrease their cholesterol levels, lower their heart rates and display reductions in blood pressure while on our hCG weight loss plan,” states Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc.

hCG Diet for People with Thyroid Problems - Thyroid Diet


Recognizing when people are symptomatic, or on thyroid medication while on a medically, supervised weight loss program is key to successful weight loss. Thyroid function can reduce by as much as 50% 30 days into any diet. Recognizing this fact is key to a successful diet experience. If this sounds like something you experience, this is where Diet Doc stands out with their prescription hCG diet that addresses thyroid function. Symptoms include: weight loss can stop or slow down, cold hands and feet, losing more hair when you brush or after showering than normal.

Not all hCG Drops are Created Equal! How to find real hCG drops

What's the difference between hCG drops bought at Walmart or GNC? A big difference! In fact, the Walmart and GNC brands only have less than 0.001% hCG inside! That is like 1 drop of water to a swimming pool of water! 

How can they get away with saying they are hCG drops? This is the big fight with what is real and what is fake. Unfortunately, they are classified as a healthfood supplement and there is little regulation in that industry, so know what you are buying. 

Why is loading necessary on Phase 1 of the hCG diet?


The HCG Diet protocol also calls for eating a lot of food two days (while taking hCG) before going on the low calorie diet. During the loading people are basically increasing their storage glycogen and triglycerides due to the high calorie, carbohydrate and fat intake. Once they drop to the low calorie diet and glucose is restricted they don’t have a good source of fuel until their ketones kick in reports Dr. Rao.

Not all hCG is the same!

Not all hCG is the same, nor does each bottle or prescription hCG have 100% hCG inside! How do you know what you are buying?

Are there any side effects of doing the prescription hCG diet?

Many people report not feeling hungry whatsoever when on the hCG diet. It's important that you count your calories to make sure you are eating between 500 and 700 calories per day. Why?

Gallstones can also form if you drop your calories below this and it could raise your cholesterol in the gallbladder and the body loses its ability to expel the bile correctly. Obese women are at high risk of developing gallstones during extreme caloric restriction.

hCG diet - 26 hCG diet weight loss program

Proven weight loss results with hCG diet supplement program

How does HCG diet work?

How does HCG diet work?

People choose the HCG diet as it's capable of melting fat rapidly, and in places on the body that people are are unable to lose.  The HCG diet helps people lose weight really fast, often at 1 pound per day.


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