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October 2011

Using Homeopathic HCG? Want To Switch To Real hCG? Here's How!

real hcg drops

Using Homeopathic HCG Want To Switch To Real hCG?  Here's How!

Many people are discovering that homeopathic hCG drops not only contain alcohol which would kill anything useful in the product (alcohol kills germs and bacteria and is a drying agent) but they do not contain hCG!  So they are making the switch to real pharmaceutical hCG.

hCG Diet Fast Food

hCG Diet Eating Out

If you have to eat out while on the hCG diet it's not a wide variety of choices you have.  Most people avoid going out to restaurants during the 1st few weeks of Phase 2 because they don't want to be tempted and or they find the restaurant choices not appealing for the hCG diet

Best Load Day Foods


Best Load Day Foods

As explained in hCG Diet Loading Days, you load for 2 days on foods to help you make the transition from carb buring to fat buring faster.  But you also want to get as little sugar carbs as possible to lessen any hCG diet headache.  Eating healthy fat is not only heart healthy, but a much better fat choice for you.

So what kinds of fats and foods should you eat?


Avocado Oil for cooking (high smoke rate) and salads


How To Test Your hCG Drops

How To Test Your hCG Drops

Whether you buy a bottle of real hCG from us or are not sure if another bottle you bought has hCG in it, TEST IT!  Testing your bottle of hCG is simple.   We always provide a test strip but an independent test is always welcomed.

hCG and Menstrual Cycle


hCG And Your Menstrual Cycle

For Women ONLY!

In the hCG Diet manuscript Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons he states to start the hCG diet after the last day of your menstrual cycle.  He also states to stop the hCG injections or drops during your menstrual cycle.


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