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26 Day hCG Diet Plan

26 Days to Losing up to 30 pounds

Have you ever tried to lose weight and no matter how hard you try you never reach your goal? Hours on the treadmill or doing other cario work, bench pressing or other weight training? How many times have you started a diet plan and workout regime only to be disappointed that you have not lost any fat and your clothes still fit the same thus no inch loss either.

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone, and you do not have to settle with being over weight. The 26 day hCG diet program works and if implemented correctly you will loose up to 30 pounds in one month while eating delicious hCG diet food and drinking hCG shakes.

I know your skeptical and you have heard of miracle drugs before that promise big and do not deliver. The 26 day HCG diet is different because it takes the natural physiological purpose and response of the hCG hormone and combines it with the a practical calorie restricted diet plan of 800-1000 calories.

You work with the medical hCG diet plan you work with a trained nutritionist, hCG diet doctor and nurse to tailor the program for you to release the greatest amount of fat as quickly as possible.  The hCG diet doctor reviews your medical history you enter and determines if the hCG diet is right for you health conditions.  Then you are prescribed the hCG pills or injections, your choice once approved that you pick up from your pharmacy.  The nutritionist works with you to design your hCG diet food plan and the nurse checks on your progress.

During Phase 1, 2 and 3 of the hCG diet you have your weight loss coach to talk to 6 days a week.  AND when you are on maintenance, you still have access to determine your progress and keep those pounds off you!

The medical hCG diet works because your hunger is suppressed due to the hCG hormone. You have your own personal team working with you to achieve your goals!  The only challenge you have is what to eat on your loading days!  BUT you are covered with that as well!

These winning combinations allows you to loose 1 to 3 pounds daily shedding fat while keeping your muscle and never going into starvation mode. True weight loss can be achieved quickly and effectively with a the medical hCG diet program.

That's the Power of the Medical hCG Diet Plan!

I don't eat any type of flours or grains, what can I replace the breadstick/melba toast with?
@Sally jean,

The Diet Doc program actually promotes no melba toast or any kind of grain, instead upping overall calorie intake to no less than 700 by adding protien and low glycemic index veggies as well as protien shake that also is designed to even out blood sugar.  We find this much more effective in rapid weight loss than the melba taost, and it sounds like it is right up your alley.

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